Homemade Sin Tour Update

Hey Y’all, 

Man Oh Man, what a couple of weeks can do to a band??? 

There is a sayin' in Alcoholics Anonymous; "Go ahead and make plans, It's a good way to make God laugh". No DUH????? 

Well, as most of the fans of Dan Baird And Homemade Sin know by now, Dan and the band got dealt a real blow when he went down (towards the end of our last European run) with his CLL (a form of Leukemia). 

Dan ended up hospitalized for 5 days, just to stabilize him. Took that long before he was in good enough shape for he and I to fly home. I want to extend the band's thanks to the British healthcare system. Y'all took care of the deed. 

We ended the tour doing the last three shows as a three piece. Mauro, Micke, and I cannot thank the promoters and fans enough. They were kind enough to let us finish our tour for Dan and the band. It went well, although it was hard to be Dan Baird And Homemade Sin with no Dan, especially with literally no rehearsal time at all! 

We found out on the way to our third-to-last show that we would not be having Dan for the rest of the tour. Alrighty Boys! How professional are we???? LOL 

People came to our aid, and we greatly appreciated the warmth and love that was shown for Dan and the band. 

We did find that we could muster a decent "emergency" show minus Dan. Once we got Dan home and he got himself to his Doctors so he could be assessed, and start his treatment, we were left with a choice: either no work for the rest of the year, or can we salvage the rest of this years shows without Dan? Also, can we do Dan and the band JUSTICE? 

I had the idea to approach Joe Blanton, a Bluefields member with Dan, Brad Pemberton, and myself, to see if he could come in and sing for us in Dan's absence. Joe has been involved with a bunch of DB & HMS too. Writing songs, engineering, and producing. With Joe on board, with Dan's full approval, we are now set to rehearse. We have also added a new bassist. Mr. Sean Savacool has come on board to help us out in the bass department, as Micke deals with some real life issues that require him to be home more than our touring schedule would allow. Thank the good Lord I live in Nashville. The talent pool is deep here, Y'all! 

Mauro and I, along with Joe and Sean are set to do eleven American shows, starting September 7th. We have had a few of the scheduled shows cancel. We completely understand. 

I do not have all of the details for the European run from mid-October - November 12th, but Mick Brown is working on keeping that tour intact too. We will go with the same lineup as the American shows. We have had a few new shows come on board. Thank You. 

For all the promoters, and shows that stayed with the original tour plans, THANK YOU. I PROMISE we will show up with a KICK ASS Rock & Roll show for ya every night. It will be full of DAN BAIRD songs. There will be songs from Dan and Mauro's band The Georgia Satellites. Songs from Dan's solo releases, and of course Dan Baird And Homemade Sin songs delivered to the best of our ability. We will tote the flag until Dan's return. Then we will tote the flag with Dan upon his return. 

There will also be a little Jason And The Scorchers, some Bluefields tunes, even a few WEH solo tunes. 

To the fans who have bought tickets, and KEPT them - THANK YOU. 

To those who are coming out to support us - THANK YOU. 

To those who decided to refund their tickets, we are sorry. Dan's health has to come first. We can tote the flag, and do a damn good job, but none of us are Dan Baird. WE SURE AS HELL KNOW THAT. We play with him every night. Our job is to make sure he has a band to come back to. 

Please remember to hit the Merchandise table, and get Mr. Mick Brown to sell ya something. We'd appreciate it. 

Anybody looking to book a show, Mick is your guy. mick.jerkincrocus@gmail.com 

Thank You, 

Let It Rock!