"GUNSLINGER" Solo Album Pre-Sale - Shipping 21 October 2014

Hey Guys,

I start recording a NEW SOLO ALBUM "GUNSLINGER" today. I am really looking forward to cutting the record. I will be singing lead vocals on this one, as well as  "Slingin" some Heavy Guitar. LOADS of Heavy Guitars!!!!!

I will also have a few good Buddies featured on the record:
Mr. Brad Pemberton will throw down on the drums, as he Always does!. Mr. Dan Baird will contribute his bass virtuosity, and maybe with a little coaxing, we'll get some guitar out of the "Telemeister" too!  Mr. Joe Blanton will man the recording desk, do ALL the art work, sing a bunch of kick ass, back ground vocals, and generally be his bad ass "Do anything else that is missing" Self!!!!  All the tunes were written by Us. It is Gonna be a great record.

Let It Rock, Y'all!!!!! See ya down the road.